Pressure Washing


Why Pressure Wash Roof, House, Deck, Driveway, & Cement?

Keep your Bay Area home, office, or business building looking good with an exterior pressure wash!

A good pressure wash will remove years of dirt, grime, moss, algae, lichens, insects, tree sap, and other build up from the environment!

Pressure washing removes weeds, grass, and other debris from cement cracks in pathways around your building or home.

Health & Safety

Shingles on your roof can harbor moss or algae, producing moisture which can lead to mold growth! Mold in your attic or roof can pose massive health risks to family and pets.

Pressure washing the roof can remove moss, algae, and other build up while adding curb-appeal to your home or office!


Commercial Setting

Businesses should ensure a clean appearance so clients always feel welcome and invited! A pressure wash will provide a “like new” look to many exterior surfaces, making it a must for any business.

Pressure Wash like a pro with help from the Diamond’s Window Cleaning team!


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