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Sunday Beach Clean-up day!

Beautiful early Sunday morning the Diamond Team ready with their equipment to pick trash at the Davenport beach. The team drove up the mountains early morning before sunrise. When they arrived in the parking area they grabbed trash bags, boots, and picker trash stick. They walked down to the beach down to the beach area to pick up bottles, cans, trash and etc.

The team was very enthusiastically filled up many bags of trash from the beach, HWY and parking area. When done the team placed all bags in the van filled with trash. It was a very amazing experience for the whole team, which has made us realize to always take care of all of our surroundings.

 Everyone is able to help the environment we live in to become a better place.  We are able to enjoy beaches, campsites, parks, or wonderful places we visit. 

How can we help?

  1. If going to the beach with friends or family try to always take your trash or picking up anything you may see left behind from others. Never leave your trash or throw it on the street areas, beaches or parks. It may affect animals or even us human. 

  2.  You may also pick up trash anywhere your see streets, HWYS, parks, beaches, parking areas and ETC.  It will help the universe and make it a much better place for all of us.  You may start with 10 things that may be trash and throw it away. It will make a huge difference. You may also tell a friend or family member to do the same.

 3. Lastly your may always join Diamonds Team to go to different locations to help and clean up. We will be doing it every other Sunday and also may connect with other people. May email Stephanie Martinez directly for more information stephanie@diamondswc.com.

Keep The Universe Clean!

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